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Mar 31

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Once upon a time, there were the bicycle thieves*; now instead we have to cope with the data thieves. Cyber crimes are becoming more and more sophisticated and directed to businesses; it is then vital to be aware of them in your company, and have access to mitigation and remediation operations that protect you in case of any cyber attacks. With our MyElmec portal, you can easily contact our business unit, CybergON, whose goal is precisely to deliver services related to cyber security.

*It implicitly refers to a 1948 Italian movie “Ladri di biciclette” (‘Bicycle thieves’) by Italian movie director Vittorio de Sica.


Are you having a cyber attack and don’t know what to do? Do you want to know the vulnerabilities of your systems? Are you wondering if your antivirus is working correctly? You don’t know if an email you’ve received contains any dangerous attachments? Would you like to train your employees to help them recognise any cyber attacks? These are all questions we have tried to answer with our cyber security dashboard, which now you can access from MyElmec. In this way, a cyber security advisor will always be available to you.




CybergON Services

Homepage Security

If you do not know the world of CybergON yet, our business unit dedicated to cyber security, you have an overview of the services they deliver on the dashboard homepage, and contact them to have more information.

Phishing test

A multi-level test to check the ability of your employees to recognise any potential cyber threats.


CybergON makes various training courses on different cyber security topics accessible to businesses..


Directly from MyElmec you can download CybergON experts’ books, which contain some practical guidelines and insights to make you aware of some of the most suitable technologies and strategies for a correct cyber risk management.

Contact Our CERT

Are you having a cyber attack? The first hours are crucial! That is why on MyElmec we have given you the chance to immediately contact our quick-intervention 24/7 Incident Response team.

Security Awarness

All MyElmec users, regardless of whether they have CybergON services, can access the Security Awareness area containing some documents indicating the latest hacking techniques and frauds, and some suggestions on how to recognise them and avoid them. These documents can be downloaded and forwarded to your employees to make them aware of the latest news on cyber crimes.

CybergON Blog

Don’t miss out anything about the cyber security world, our experts’ opinions and cyber crime trends! On CybergON blog, which you can also access from MyElmec, you’ll find all the latest news and updates.

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Vulnerability Assessment Service

Vulnerability Assessment

This dashboard is accessible to all security clients, regardless of whether or not the continuous vulnerability check service is active. Those who do not have it will see the results of the public network scans, whereas those who do have it will also see the results of the internal network scans.


Host vulnerabili

Thanks to this chart showing the most vulnerable hosts you can check the hosts (identified by their IP addresses) with the highest number of vulnerabilities classified as ‘high’ and ‘critical’. Directly from these histograms you can see more details on the host list.


Asset management

From this list you can find the features of each identified vulnerability, as well as the various items on our CMDB Atlantis, or seeing more details on patching operations.


Trend delle vulnerabilità


Thanks to our security tools, we perform a weekly network scan that allows you to create the vulnerability trend of the last 90 days, highlighting those threats classified as ‘high’ or ‘critical’. The goal is to see if the mitigation operations, like patching, lead to any decrease of this trend.


Trend delle Mitigation

In this mitigation trend chart, you can monitor how your patching is progressing, as well as all the other vulnerability mitigation operations.
In particular, you can see as highlighted the number of vulnerabilities that have already been mitigated, therefore resolved, and those that constantly appear, therefore unmitigated.


Mitigation e Unmitigation Summary

In the mitigation summary chart, you can see as highlighted the total number of mitigated vulnerabilities previously classified as ‘high’ and ‘critical’. In particular, you can know in detail how many of these vulnerabilities have been on your infrastructure for more or less than 90 days.

In the unmitigation summary section, instead, you can see the vulnerabilities that still have to be mitigated. In particular, you can see the number of vulnerabilities for which patching has been present in the last 30 days, therefore technically mitigable. On the other hand, you can see those vulnerabilities for which a patching is not present, making your hosts exploitable.


Tipologie di vulnerabilità

In this chart, you can see all the types of vulnerabilities, not just any high and critical vulnerabilities, but also any low and medium.


Documenti sulla cybersecurity

In the document section, you can retrieve all the technical documents, summaries, reports and reviews by our technical team.


Soluzioni per le vulnerabilità

In this part of the dashboard, you can sort vulnerabilities by number of impacted hosts or severity. By clicking on the Info button, you can see more details about the nature of each vulnerability, the applicable solution, and the various technical details.



In this part of the dashboard, you can search for any hosts by filtering by host name or vulnerability severity.

How Is Your Antivirus Working?

On the dashboard dedicated to your antivirus, you can monitor how correctly your antivirus is working. As a matter of fact, on MyElmec the technical information and software features are simplified, only reporting what is most relevant to you such as: your server and workplace exposure level, solutions and the tasks performed by our technical team to mitigate the various detected threats.


Funzionamento Antivirus

In the first chart, you will find the parameters determining the correct performance of your antivirus. The overall status is mainly led by those features classified as critical. As a matter of fact, if even just one of the parameters is classified as medium or bad, the overall status will report such information.


Installazioni antivirus

In the subsequent charts, you can see how many workstations and servers your antivirus has been installed on. In the Not Updated Devices chart, you can see how many PCs and servers do not have the latest antivirus version installed on.


Stato di sicurezza dei device

In the two charts related to your workplace and server health, you can see as highlighted their security status with respect to the detected threats and any antivirus malfunction.


Minacce rivelate sui device

In the Threatened Devices chart, you can see as highlighted the threats on which special attention needs to be focused, that is those classified as Suspicious or Bad.


Ticket e dettagli delle vulnerabilità

You can see more details of all these charts with the ‘drill down’ option, which will take you to the Device List dashboard. In case of Suspicious or Bad threats, in this list you can see more details and access the related ticket, which allows you to know who, among us, is handling this problem, and what is being done to solve it.

Monitor Your Security Tickets

Ticket per ambito security

In this part of the dashboard, you can keep track of the open security tickets. In particular, you can see the tickets that are being worked on, those that have been suspended, and closed in the last 30 days.

Thanks to the timeline chart, which always shows you the current week, you can know how long these tickets have been worked on, and see the tickets classified according to the solution type used in the last 30 days.

From the charts on the dashboard, you can know how many tickets have been opened automatically, because they have been generated by CybergON’s SIEM, and how many have been opened by your employees. You can also know the ticket types, that is how many have been classified as warnings and how many as incidents. By ‘security warning’ we mean that a security incident may occur, whereas by ‘incident’ we mean that the incident has in fact occurred.

Check The Files You Receive with Sandbox

Controlla gli allegati sospetti

On the Sandbox, developed by our CybergON team, you can upload any files whose security is suspicious to you. As a matter of fact, thanks to this tool, you are given a report with a 1-10 score, allowing you to check the actual danger of the file uploaded, if any.

By inserting the password file, you can also upload any secured archive.


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